Maple Street Greetings

Tim Tucker 
Tim Started his writing career by winning an essay competition entitled, “365” , which expressed a day in life from a calendar’s point of view.  He was 5.  Since then, writing and language have been an integral part of his career.  Armed with degrees in Theater Performance, Speech Pathology, Communications (journalism) and Costume Design, he set out to find his calling. Tim toured nationally and internationally as an actor, singer and dancer in such shows as “Hair”, “42nd St.” and “A Chorus Line”. Being offered a role in the original Las Vegas Company of “Mamma Mia” was the lure to Sin City for Tim where he completed the entire 6 year record breaking run. His 25 year career on all sides of broadcast and entertainment have brought him here, where he gets to put into play, every skill and share his life time of stories in the world of entertainment as he uses his voice to convey the messages behind Maple Street Cards! 
James Hannon
​James is a leading expert and pioneer Social Media. Developing creative software solutions with social media, security, and sharing in mind. He has recently launched two ventures that include Stop Being Watched and Maple Street Greetings. His diverse background includes many years as a designer, as well as years as a pioneer in the solar industry. Developing creative applications to calculate, bid, and market for companies such as Sharp, Siemens, and Sanyo. With the inception of JH Enterprises, we have created a company atmosphere that allows for development of creative solutions that quickly take product ideas to market. Maple Street Greetings is the culmination of this atmosphere, and we hope that all who utilize this site feel the heart felt care that was put into this venture.
Carole J. Hannon
Carole J. Hannon Ph.D. was born a poet.  However, Dr. CJ began her career in city government for Tulsa, OK as Training Manager (first woman manager for Tulsa).  The program was proclaimed by the Wall Street Journal the most successful program in the United States.  She developed and became President of  Turnstyle Consultants, a management and media consulting firm.  She contracted with Fortune 500 companies to conduct training workshops throughout the world.  She became a Ph.D. in Communication from The University of Oklahoma, winning awards for her research on family media issues.  All the time, her lifelong poetry passion created the desire to write observations about her travels and studies.  She has published two poetry books:  Thorns Have Roses and Free.  The third in the trilogy, Remanants of a Rainbow, is scheduled for publication soon.  C.J. has written many articles and poems for magazines and poetry anthologies.  C.J. has her finger on the pulse of media gender, cultural and age issues across the world.  You can count on her to write and speak from a cultural environmentalist standpoint, believing our physical environment is essential to our survival but our cultural environment is essential to the quality of our survival.  C.J.'s poetry is inspirational and original with quite a touch of humor.  When you experience Dr. Carole J. Hannon, you will not forget her or Maple Street. Greetings.
Finley, has been an actress, acting coach for young people, and voice-over artist. After receiving her BFA from Southwest Missouri State University, she packed up and headed east where she attended The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City. In addition to television and film work, Finley has run the gamut of live performances from interactive theatre to a one woman shows to musical theatre and improvisational comedy. To contact Finley email

Lisa Aybike Kir


Born on a cold February day in Aalborg, Denmark, I am the making of a Danish mother and a Turkish father. My father gave me the name Aybike (Aijbi’ke) after a Turkish Goddess. The name means beautiful moon or beautiful as the moon. At my baptism I was also given the name Lisa, but Aybike stuck and my friends and relatives calls me Aybike.

In Denmark every year we have a carnival (like in Rio). One year a Photographer approached me, asked if he could take some pictures. As chocked as I was (I considered myself the ugly duckling) I said yes! And that is how I started this crazy world of modeling.

Years later!! I have now worked and travelled to many parts of the world. Today I live and work in Los Angeles, but whenever I have the chance I travel back to Denmark to spend time with my family and friends.

On my Blog you can fin a lot more information about my present life and whereabouts, so do not cheat yourself and visit

Founders James Hannon and John Sykes have been developing new ventures for over a decade. JH Enterprise Solutions  provides innovative product development and software solutions from their offices in Santa Monica, California.

JH Enterprise Solutions created and operates Maple Street Greetings, the exciting new greeting eCard platform that provides the highest quality HD greeting eCards on the market.  The integration with facebook and Youtube provides our followers the best eCard solution on the web.
Please contact James or John directly on the Contact Us page to discuss investor relations.​

John Sykes